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Medical Debt and Filing Bankruptcy



Large Hospital and Other Medical Bills Can Add Up


The cost of unexpected hospital and other medical bills can add up and quickly become overwhelming.  As an Akron-Canton bankruptcy attorney we find that debts associated with medical bills related to an unexpected injury, illness, lack of health insurance, denial of medical claims by a health insurance company, or waiting for a settlement from an injury are often the source of financial problems. Some options in handling past due medical bills include negotiating a debt settlement, setting up a payment plan, and filing for bankruptcy.


Negotiating a Debt Settlement with Health Care Providers

Frequently, as an alternative to non-payment, health care providers will accept a discounted amount to pay for the medical services in full. The amount of reduction the medical billing agent is willing to accept varies from provider to provider. The medical billing company typically accepts cash or checks as well as credit card payments. The medical debt settlement option can prove to be a difficult task for most, since it can require either coming up with a large sum of money or paying by credit card, thus seriously increasing credit card debt.


Setting up a Payment Plan with Health Care Providers

If you are struggling to come up with the money to pay for medical expenses, many health care providers will allow you to schedule a payment plan for the medical debt.


Financial and Medical Assistance Programs

In Ohio, Hospitals and a number of other health care services have plans available whereby they assist low income individuals and families. Qualification for this type of assistance program often requires the applicant to meet federal poverty income guidelines based on their Federal Poverty Level.


Filing Bankruptcy to Wipe Out Medical Bills

Upon filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy the automatic stay provision goes into effect, thus medical providers, their billing companies, and their collection agents will be prohibited from continuing to pursue any collection activities against you.


Filing bankruptcy stops the Medical Bill Collectors From Calling

Fling for Ohio Bankruptcy puts an end the aggressive tactics and stops harassing phone calls from medical debt and bill collectors. Once the automatic stay provision goes into effect your medical providers, their billing companies, and their collection agents will be prohibited from continuing to pursue collection activities against you.


Filing Bankruptcy Will Wipe Out Medical Bills, Along With Your Other Unsecured Debts

Since medical bills are considered non-priority unsecured debts, they are classed with credit cards and other unsecured debts, and therefore are discharged in a bankruptcy. Upon discharge of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, these overwhelming medical bills will be erased along with the other unsecured debt when the bankruptcy is discharged. In a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy medical debts are included within the repayment plan, and the remaining amount owed will be discharged at the end of your scheduled repayment period, typically at a fraction of the cost.


Whether you are considering bankruptcy alternatives such as debt settlement, payment plans, seeking income based assistance, or filing bankruptcy to erase medical bills, the Akron-Canton Ohio bankruptcy Attorneys at Sheppard Law Offices can provide you with the support and assistance you need to put you on the appropriate financial track. Call (330) 409-2876 today to schedule a free Canton, Ohio Bankruptcy and Debt Relief consultation.



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